Monday, January 9, 2012

What a Weekend

Well, I guess we can count Thursday as part of the weekend huh?
Buddy left for work, and his truck decided to bite the dust 4.5 hours into his 8 hour drive. 


The fix is going to cosy $2,200, so he is having to stay at work for three weeks instead of just two.  I was on my way to see Jessica when he told me to head his direction.  We called my father in law to see if he would mind giving Caylee and me a ride home.  I felt terrible considering he had just worked 12 hours and had to turn around to meet buddy at the Ford dealership. 

I dropped my car off with Buddy, leaving me stranded until I can find some way to get up there to get it the weekend of the 20th.  Which is also making me miss my little getaway to Amanda's house *big sappy tears* the good news is, I can go stay with her on my way home.  It will definitely make my drive shorter.

Friday: Was the relaxing day, I took mom to work and drove her car to go see Jessica for the day.  The kids played, we talked, the kids fought, we ate, we baked some pretty amazing cookies....
Funfetti Cookies. The instructions are on the side of the cake mix box.  DO IT.
(I pretty much ate about 8 cookies and came home full as a tick.) I couldn't eat another bite for the rest of the night. We talked some more, and then I had to leave to go get mom from work.  On the way there, I stopped by to see my baby and left her something pretty...

Saturday:  Mom and I went to the outlets on 290.  At about 12PM we suddenly got an explosion of texts from my sister.  I take my phone out of my pocket and *BAM* I get queasy...
 (WARNING: Very graphic)

Yeah, that's a hole, in my 8 year old nephews leg, all the way to the bone.
They got in a 4wheeling accident.  Poor babies.  We dropped something off to my brother and headed home.

Jacob got a nice little injury too.

The back of his head *shudders*
He's still handsome, even though he got the snot beat out of him.
These boys are tough.  Patrick (my brother in law) said they were calm and quiet the whole hour to the hospital. Yes I said HOUR.

Oh and then I found this...

when I took Caylees panties off to put her to bed.  My little clepto.

Sunday:  I got up early and stayed with Jacob, mom and Johnny at my sisters, while Elise and Patrick were with Joshy.   I brought Johnny home with me until they came home from the hospital. 

Needless to say, this is what Caylee did at 8 PM
Man, she looks like her daddy in this picture...

It's late, and I'm tired.  2012 better kick it into high gear.
I've got high hopes for this year, it better shape up, because it's definitely not being very nice so far.

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  1. What tough little boys!

    That's so nice they have a temporary marker for Kyndal. We didn't have that and until we got the stone we had a tough time telling exactly where she was. It was awful.