Monday, October 31, 2011


Today has been a roller coaster.  We're staying in tonight.  I'm *kind of* excited about trick or treaters, another part of me is wondering how I'm going to react to kids coming to my door.  I'm sure Caylee will all kinds of love it!

Last night we had our Fall Festival at the church.  It was really fun.  Everyone was amazing.  Caylee really enjoyed the puppet show (who am I kidding, so did I) and she even got her face painted.  There were a few babies there that made me sad.  Kyndal would be very close to their age. I wanted to grab them and love all over them, but I knew that would just make it worse.  I am not looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas without my baby. 

On a side note, I plan on making a recipe from Pinterest tonight! I will post how it comes out and a link to it once it's been devoured. 

Here's a picture of Caylee when we got home from the fall fest.
Yes, the girls gave her a very high side ponytail, and she would NOT move her drink away from her face for a good picture.  She still looks adorable.

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