Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving In Heaven

Today was Kyndal's first Thanksgiving.  It may have been in heaven, but she was here in our hearts.

Buddy came home at 9 AM.  He wasn't supposed to be here until later, but he got to leave work early.
{I'm Thankful for a job that pays the bills} 
We spent the whole day together.
{I'm Thankful for a husband who wants to spend time with me}
 Caylee went to Thanksgiving at the farm with my family.  She had a blast.
{I'm Thankful for my family}
It was nice to just spend time with Bud.  I miss that alone time. We sure did miss the little miss though.
{I'm Thankful for a happy AND healthy 2yr old who means the world to me}
Today was hard, I'm not going to lie.  I heard some good news, that also made me sad. 
{I'm thankful for growth}
I missed my baby girl all day today. I've been fighting away tears since it started, picturing her here with us.  I need to try to focus on her happiness where she is.
{I'm Thankful that I got to spend 9 precious months with Kyndal before she went to be a perfect part of heaven}

I decided to adopt an angel this year. A 5 month old little girl.  I hope to do this every year, I was going to buy Kyndal presents, so why not help a little girl out that is in need?
{I'm Thankful that I am able to do this, even if it's not much}

I'm excited.  I get to buy her things I would have got for Kyndal.  Maybe this will help me AND her.
{I'm Thankful for the LORD, and His healing hands}

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  1. We missed you and Buddy, but we loved having Caylee at the farm. She is a bundle of sunshine. It's good to have that time as a couple together.

    Know that all of you are in my heart. I'm amazed by your strength, love, and dedication. Let me know if there is anything you need that I can help you with.